Since 1987, our line of crack injection materials and accessories have provided contractors with a more affordable and improved means for permanently repairing a variety of cracks in poured foundation walls to help create a dry and healthy environment.

From basements, crawl spaces and pools to large-scale structures including concrete lift stations, elevator pits, housed systems and below-grade mechanical rooms, Emecole Metro's foundation crack repair products are the most practical and proven option for providing a permanent repair.

Pioneers of Low Pressure Crack Injection

Proven process dates back to the 1980s. Today, low pressure crack injection remains the most cost-effective and time-efficient way to repair cracks.

Permanent Repairs, Fewer Callbacks

Permanent repair solutions, resulting in fewer callbacks. Used by basement and crawl space professionals for more than 30 years.

Buy Direct from the Manufacture

We manufacture and sell direct to contractors by phone or online. Products are available in bulk or in convenient starter kits.

Expert Support from the Manufacturer

We know our product the best. Live and immediate practical product recommendations and second-to-none technical support for contractors.

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Contractor Starter Kits

Equipped with the needed crack injection materials and accessories for a successful repair. Ideal for any contractor new to the low pressure crack injection.

Our kits are available in multiple sizes to accommodate small or large repairs with the choice of polyurethane or epoxy injection material.

Consumables/Refill Products

Polyurethane & Epoxy Injection Materials

Emecole Metro 102 Premium Concrete Crack Injection Polyurethane
  • High expansion makes for the most user-friendly option for filling poured foundation cracks.
  • Added flexibility allows for natural foundation movement without losing its bond.
  • Results in a flexible and watertight repair.
Emecole Metro 121 Premium Low Viscosity Concrete Crack Injection Epoxy
  • Strongest injection material option for filling poured foundation cracks.
  • Added strength fuses cracks together, making it ideal for structural cracks.
  • Rapidly thickens within minutes, minimizing loss of material into the soil.
  • Results in a strong and watertight repair.

Consumables/Refill Products

Surface Seals & Port Adhesives

Emecole Metro 302 Premium Crack Injection Surface Seal
  • Our most popular surface seal.
  • Cures in 15 to 20 minutes after application.
Emecole Metro 322 Premium Crack Injection Surface Seal-n-Peel
  • Removable surface seal option; easily peels off the wall after a crack repair.
  • Cures in 35 to 45 minutes after application.
Emecole Metro 901 Slow Curing Crack Injection Surface Seal
  • Slow cure time makes an ideal selection for contractors using surface seals for the first time.
  • Cures in one hour.

Consumables/Refill Products

Injection Tools & Accessories

Crack Injection Dispensing Gun
  • Our signature dispensing gun for the dispensing of our injection materials and surface seals packaged in dual cartridges.
  • Cures in 35 to 45 minutes after application.
Foundation Crack Injection Surface Ports
  • Allows for the entry of injected epoxy or polyurethane material into poured foundation wall cracks.
  • Eliminates need for drilling holes into cracks. Corner ports and unique low profile ports also available.
  • Choice of port type – standard, corner, and low profile
Crack Injection Mixing Nozzles
  • Engineered to combine and mix injected epoxy or polyurethane material upon dispensing.
  • Each mixer is sized specifically and must be used with its intended injection material or surface seal.
Crack Injection Cartridge and Mixer Retaining Nuts
  • Secures static mixer to material cartridge.
Crack Injection Hose Assembly
  • Connects directly to Surface Ports and Static Mixing Nozzles, giving contractors easier access to injecting foundation cracks around hard to reach areas, such as furnaces, sinks, etc.

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