Foundation Crack Repair Injection Hose Assembly

Contractor Exclusive Product

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SKU: 0010001020ESP (x10)
  • Hose assembly for injection of Emecole Metro epoxy or polyurethane into cracks. Connects directly to Emecole Metro Surface Ports and Static Mixing Nozzles.
  • Flexibility of hose allows access to hard to reach cracks (i.e. behind a furnace or water heater), saving contractors time and labor from
    moving obstacles.
  • Available in boxes of 10.

The Injection Hose Assembly is used with the Emecole Metro line of epoxy and polyurethane injection materials.  It connects directly to surface ports and mixers. It allows for the dispensing and discharge control remote from the dispensing gun and cartridge system.

The Injection Hose Assembly allows for contractors to maintain pressure and mixed system equilibrium during dual cartridge processing (control flow with pinch clamping of hose, not by relieving tool pressure). Limit any lead/lag to beginning of operation not every time applicator starts and stops.

It also allows contractors to more effectively inject around hard to reach areas, such as furnaces, sinks, hot-water heaters, beams or other obstructions commonly found in basements. With the Emecole Metro Jake 300 Dispensing Gun, contractors have full control over the amount of discharge (meter the shot-size) – especially useful in anchoring applications.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 6 in