Emecole Metro 85-90 Concrete Crack Filler & Sealer

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SKU: 0070002100ESP
  • Polyurea for filling cracks in control joints and expansion joints in concrete.
  • Fast cure time allows for traffic to resume in one hour, resulting in less disruption and time waiting for materials to cure.
  • Self-levels to create a flat surface. Wheels on carts can freely roll over control and expansion joints.
  • UV resistant. Color will not change in sunlight, resulting in a clean and finished appearance.
  • Available in 22 ounce 1:1 dual cartridges in cases of six.

Fill and Seal Concrete Cracks, Control Joints and Expansion Joints

Emecole Metro 85-90 Concrete Crack Filler & Sealer is the perfect solution for filling cracks, control joints or expansion joints in concrete. Emecole Metro 85-90 cures to a flexible, hard rubber like material and will self level in cracked basement and warehouse floors for a flat finish allowing wheels of carts and forklifts to easily roll over. Foot traffic may resume in about an hour after use of Emecole Metro 85-90.

Performance Notes:

  • Concrete temperature must be 50 degrees Fahrenheit or higher at time of dispensing.
  • To ensure optimum performance, each Emecole Metro 85-90 cartridge should be shaken for approximately 10 to 12 minutes just before use.

Supplemental Information:

PDF Document Prop 65 Warning (California)

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 8 in