Emecole Metro 10 ft. Foundation Crack Repair – Epoxy Injection Kit

Contractor Exclusive Product

  • Kit for repairing approximately 10 feet of cracks in poured foundations.
  • Features Emecole Metro’s premium fast curing epoxy injection, which is ideal for structural foundation cracks. Its fast 20-minute gel time minimizes the amount of injected epoxy that leaks into the soil, resulting in less wasted material at the expense of filling the crack. Upon curing, the end result is a very strong and watertight repair that seals out water and soil gases.
  • Includes components to repair one typical foundation crack via the low pressure injection process. Eliminates having to purchase individual components in bulk, requiring less investment for contractors not regularly repairing cracks. Contractors may purchase on an as-needed basis.
  • Epoxy injection material packaged in universal cartridges, which fit a standard caulk gun, requiring less investment in equipment.

Premium Epoxy Injection to Repair 10 ft. of Foundation Cracks

Epoxy injection is recommended for structural cracks which have the potential to compromise the foundation’s structural integrity. The added bonding strength of Emecole Metro 121 Premium Fast Curing Epoxy bonds concrete back together, resulting in a repair that is stronger than the original concrete. Upon injection, Emecole Metro 121 Premium Fast Curing Epoxy rapidly thickens inside the crack within 15 to 20 minutes. This rapid thickening minimizes the amount of lost material that leaks into the soil, ensuring that the most amount of injected epoxy material stays within the crack. The end result is a strong and watertight repair that seals out water and soil gases.

Fully Equipped to Ensure a Complete Repair

Utilizing the low pressure crack injection process, the Emecole Metro 10 ft. Foundation Crack Repair Kit gives contractors a proven process and product to successfully complete the job. The included components within the kit makes foundation crack repair a viable service option for contractors from all work backgrounds, especially those regularly servicing basements and crawl spaces.

Low pressure injection is both cost effective and time efficient. The packaging of injection materials inside this kit allows contractors to inject using a standard caulking gun, minimizing investment in dispensing equipment. Most injections are completed in about an hour, resulting in a permanent repair solution in which cracks are filled from front-to-back and top-to-bottom.

This kit is commonly used by contractors in residential applications, including basements, crawl spaces and pools. It is also suitable for municipal, commercial and industrial applications, including concrete lift stations, elevator pits, housed systems or below-grade mechanical rooms.

Included Kit Components

  • Four (4) universal cartridges of Emecole Metro 121 Premium Fast Curing Epoxy
  • Choice of Surface Seal
    • Stays on the wallTwo (2) jars of Emecole Metro 901 Surface Seal – cures in approximately one hour and stays on the wall after injection (may be removed, if desired, by chipping or grinding it off)
    • Easily peels off the wall – Two (2) universal cartridges of Emecole Metro 322 Premium Surface Seal-n-Peel – cures in approximately 35 to 45 minutes and easily peels off the basement wall leaving a clean finished look
  • Fifteen (15) surface ports and caps
  • Static mixing nozzles
  • Injection hose assembly
  • Also included are rubber gloves, safety glasses, wire brush, mixing sticks, drop cloth, plastic trowel and written instructions.

Additional Components Required (Not Included)

  • Standard caulk gun (for injection of Emecole Metro 121 Premium Fast Curing Epoxy)