Our basement wall crack repair kits are easy to use, especially for first-timers. All repairs are completed from inside the basement, requires no drilling or digging and can be completed in only a few hours. All kits come with the needed materials to permanently repair cracks in poured concrete walls.

Proven Repair Process

Utilizes the low pressure injection process pioneered by Emecole Metro. Cracks are completely filled, stopping the entry of water or soil gases.

Fully Equipped Starter Kits

Equipped with all the components necessary for a successful repair. All kits are packaged on site at Emecole Metro and ship direct to your doorstep.

Homeowner Direct Purchase

Purchase direct online or by phone. For any technical questions or help selecting the right kit, get in touch with our friendly customer support team.

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As the product manufacturer, we have the expertise to provide homeowners with the most reliable customer service and in-depth technical support.

Repair Typical Wall Cracks – Polyurethane Injection

The typical/non-structural wall crack usually forms after the initial settling of the foundation or because of natural shrinkage of the concrete, which can occur within a couple of months after being poured. They are usually thin, anywhere from hairline to 1/8″ wide, and are likely to be vertical or slightly diagonal. These cracks can be a nuisance by allowing in water and soil gases, including radon, but are already stabilized and thus do not pose a structural risk to the foundation.

For non-structural scenarios, the most user-friendly and economical solution is to inject with our polyurethane. Its expansion of up to 20 times its original state of volume once inside the crack provides the best opportunity to completely fill the crack, resulting in a flexible and watertight repair.

Repair Structural Wall Cracks – Epoxy Injection

Cracks that form due to foundation movement (i.e. settlement, soil pressure or freeze/thaw cycles) may compromise the foundation if left unaddressed. Often labeled as structural cracks, they usually begin as hairline thin and become wider over time. They are more likely to be diagonal, horizontal, jagged or stair-stepped.

For structural cracks, we recommend injecting with epoxy due to the added strength it provides to bond concrete back together – exceeding the strength of the original concrete, resulting in a strong and watertight repair.

Repairing Cracks from Inside the Basement – No Drilling or Digging

The low pressure injection process for repairing basement wall cracks in poured foundations is completed from the inside. This allows homeowners to inject straight into the crack, while the exterior soil provides a stop-gap to ensure that injected polyurethane or epoxy stays within the crack, resulting in a completely filled crack.

The included Surface Ports, which adhere to the front of the crack, allow for the polyurethane or epoxy to be injected straight into the crack. There is no need to drill holes into the wall, helping to save time while reducing unnecessary labor.

This cost-effective and time-efficient process is the same exact method used by professional waterproofing contractors.

Successfully Repair Cracks in Your Basement Wall

The low pressure crack injection process for the filling of cracks in poured concrete walls has been the most cost-effective and time-efficient means for putting a stop to lingering water leaks and structural concerns. Whether injecting with polyurethane or epoxy, our DIY friendly starter kits provide homeowners with a reliable crack filling solution where voids in the wall are sealed from front-to-back and bottom-to-top.

With the addition of our carbon fiber options, homeowners have the opportunity to reinforce structural wall cracks via Carbon Fiber Grids to add permanent protection from further crack development due to active stress placed onto the foundation. For more serious structural concerns that result in a bowed foundations, our high tensile strength Carbon Fiber Fabric Straps provide additional stabilization strength to further protect the structural stability of the concrete structure.

Between our DIY starter kits for injecting cracks to our carbon fiber options, Emecole Metro provides homeowners with a one-stop shop to successfully and permanently repair cracks in poured basement concrete walls.

Proven Products for a Permanent DIY Crack Repair

Have additional questions or clarifications regarding our line of do-it-yourself friendly kits? Our team is here to help. We’d love to learn more about your specific DIY challenge and steer you towards the correct solution.

Getting in touch with our team of basement wall crack repair experts is only a couple of clicks or a phone call away.